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Northeast leads India to fight with health challenges: second health co-operative inaugurated in Silchar

By Jyotish Dutta
The second health cooperative in India was inaugurated on Wednesday at Silchar Madhya Sahar Sanskriti auditorium. It was South Assam healthcare co-operative society Ltd. It is the second in Assam and first in Barak valley. Assam healthcare co-operative Ltd. is a first health co-operative in India as well as Assam.
The co-operative was inaugurated by vice chairman of Assam healthcare co-operative and chief guest of the program Dr. Jayanta Bishwa Sarma. It is a  part of Sahakar Bharati.
During his lecture dr. sarma said, “most of the doctors are corrupted in Assam. They have always been required to commission from medicine representative to prescribed his medicine and laboratory similarly”. He even shared that, there is no any leader to lead the Assam in education and health sectors.
Moreover, he also appealed the healthcare co-operative society to take initiative, to make Assam a leading model of healthcare in our country.
The main motive of the newly formed co-operative is to provide the better healthcare facilities of Barak valley people such as law cost laboratory testing and medicine facilities etc.
The CEO of South Assam healthcare co-operative society, Joydeep Dutta while speaking to media he expressed his wish that as Gujrat is a role model for milk revaluation in same Assam will lead the country’s best medical facilities with the cooperation of healthcare co-operative society.
Sreekanta Chakraborty, chairman of the South Assam healthcare co-operative society Ltd., Joydeep Dutta, CEO of the Cooperative, Dhiraj Baruah director of  Assam healthcare co-operative, Pritam Dey, Sahakar Bharti, Barak Sambar  and other dignitaries were present on the inaugural Programme.

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