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46% Indian women take leave from work during periods: everteen Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2018

Over 8% women subjected to criticism for not performing tasks properly during periods
 More than 2000 urban Indian women participated in the survey conducted in May 2018

New Delhi/Press Release
Nearly half the woman workforce in India (49%) is not able to focus on work during periods, while 58% women feel that menstrual periods have some impact on their productivity. 46% women take leave from work due to periods. Over 8% women said they have been subjected to criticism because of not performing their tasks properly during periods. More than 60% of the physically active women in urban India give up on outdoor activities such as swimming, dancing, yoga and gym during periods. These are the findings of the everteen® Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2018, which focused on the impact of periods on the work and lifestyle of women. More than 2100 women from 85 Indian cities participated in the survey between 10-24 May 2018. More than 90% respondents were in the 19-50 years age group, out of which 72% were less than 35 years. everteen® offers India’s largest range of quality feminine hygiene products including feminine intimate wipes, feminine hygiene wash, applicator tampons, menstrual cups, sanitary pads, daily pantyliners, bikini hair remover crème and natural vaginal tightening and revitalizing gel. everteen products have been used by customers in more than 150 countries.
The everteen  Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2018 also reveals that, contrary to popular belief, price is no longer the primary determining factor for the urban Indian woman while choosing a sanitary product. Comfort, quality and health mattered the most to more than 95% women. Ironically, while comfort emerged as the primary concern (52.1%), most of the women are not searching for new alternates to make their periods more comfortable. Almost 83% women said they have not searched for new sanitary products in over a year. Nearly 52% women have not changed their sanitary product in two or more years. As many as 75% women did not know that tampons are the most widely used sanitary product in developed countries such as the US and the UK.
Sanitary pads are still the most used sanitary product among Indian women (92%), whereas modern methods of menstrual hygiene such as tampons and menstrual cups are used by 7% of Indian urban women. With most women still relying on traditional methods, 70% Indian women said periods had an impact on their peace of mind. Out of these, 22% women worry a lot about risk of staining or spotting on clothes. 66% women said they felt irritated or depressed during menstrual periods. 79% women said periods impacted their choice of clothes and the way they dress. One-third of the women said periods restricted them from attending social and personal engagements such as family functions, parties and dates.
Says Hariom Tyagi, CEO of Wet & Dry Personal Care, “The need of the hour is complete feminine intimate hygiene with nearly 49% of the women reporting of vaginal infection and discomfort during periods more than once in the last one year and over 42% women suffering from it more than three times.”
This is the third such survey conducted by everteen® with a commitment to create accurate awareness on good menstrual hygiene. The everteen® Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2017 with Women’s Health Organization revealed that at least 43% women did not have ready access to sanitary essentials at the beginning of their periods, and 36% women felt uncomfortable while buying them from a shop in the presence of other customers. The everteen® Menstrual Hygiene Survey 2014 revealed that 70% of the married women aged 25-35 years suffered from abnormal discharge at least once in a year, but only 50% women were comfortable discussing intimate problems even with their partners.
Earlier this year, everteen® donated sanitary products for underprivileged girl performers at a women empowerment event sponsored by India’s Ministry of Culture.

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