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ALS / MND Case Reversal with Homoeopathy :  Dr. A.K. Gupta

International AYUSH Conference 2024, DUBAI (UAE)

Dunai. In a largely attended and glittering event held in prestegious World Trade Centre of Dubainumb, UAE at International  AYUSH Conference & Exhibition 2024 where AYUSH Doctors from 25 Countries of the world took part, and many Research Papers were presented by the doctors specialists of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homoeopathy.

A wonderful case was presented by the Founder Director AKGsOVIHAMS and National Secretary General of The Homoeopathic Medical Association of India

Prof. Dr. A. K.Gupta caught everyone’s attention. It was a case of a 20yr old young man who was suffering from ALS / MND (Motor Neuron Disease) and how he got completely cured with the reversal.

ALS/ MND is a fast progressing degenerative Neurological disease where a diagnosis itself is like a death sentence. For many years now Dr. A. K. Gupta has been carrying out clinical research on ALS/ MND at his AKGsOVIHAMS Medical Centre in Delhi.

In this case being talked about, the young boy was being carried in the lap of his father when he was brought to consult Dr. Gupta for the 1st time in 2019. He needed support for every little body movement from raising to standing and to even sitting on his own. And today with the magic of Homoeopathy and persistence efforts of Dr.A.K.Gupta he can run like anyone of us and is preparing to enter the Indian Army !

The case was presented with Evidence based Videos of the patient from the beginning and of various stages of his improvement to full recovery.

Dr. Gupta was felicitated for giving the path breaking presentation as it definitely provides hopes to various hopeless patients who are diagnosed and suffering from ALS / MND (Motor Neuron Disease). Presentation was very much appreciated by the large gathering of doctors and Role of Homoeopathy in treating such kind of so called incurable and difficult disease was applauded.

In 5 years the market of AYUSH has gone from 3 billion to 23 Billion worth said Joint Secretary Mr. Vishwajeet Singh, Ministry of AYUSH Govt, of India and State Minister Foreign Affairs of India Hon’ble Shri Murli Dharan emphasised the need of Holistic approach to help the patients. The inaugural function was also graced by the His Excellency of Dubai, UAE and BK Shivani .

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