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Spinning of charkha is a harbinger of psychological and emotional well-being.

• Spinning of charkha is a harbinger of psychological and emotional well-being

Spinning charkha help improve processing speed,IQ level, Intelligence (Logical, Intrapersonal, Existential).

Brain wave patterns improves by spinning charkha.

New Delhi:Brain Behaviour Research Foundation of India (BBRFI) has conducted a study entitled ‘Effect of charkha spinning among children and youth to improve the Concentration, Attention, Mind-Body Coordination, and Brain development’under grant-in aid of Gandhi Smriti and Darshan Samiti, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. The report has already submitted to GSDS in July, 2019.

This is the first of its kind scientificstudy conductedin the world on the impact of Charkha spinning on the mental well-being of individuals that reveals the cognitive health benefits of regular spinning of charkha in children – Dr. Meena Mishra (Chairperson, BBRFI)

Dr. Meena Mishra (Chairperson, BBRFI)

The study was conducted for over a month on 30 individuals, 10 to 18 years of age, spinning a charkha every day. Pre and post training data was collected using Electroencephalogram (EEG), psychological questionnaires, IQ tests, Attention test– Subodh Kumar (Co-Investigator of the study & Deputy Director, BBRFI). 

The study undertaken as a pilot project in children has shown encouraging results in improving the processing speed,IQ level, Intelligence (Logical, Intrapersonal, and Existential) and concentration of the brain and overall development of the brain. Also changes in the brain wave patterns has observed; Prefrontal Lobe (Alpha, Beta, Delta), Frontal Lobe (Alpha, Beta, Delta), Temporal Lobe (Beta, Delta), Parietal Lobe (Beta, Delta).

The repeated spinning of charkha regularly builds up new transmission pathways between different regions of the brain that helps improving the processing speed of the brain. On assessment of individual traits, the intrapersonal trait has improved post intervention which is the expected effect of meditation that helps the subject to look within and become one with self. The passage of information from one region to the other is improved as also the concentration as a result of spinning charkha – Dr. Mishra said.

Spinning of charkha is not only a symbol of self-reliance during the Indian freedom struggle but a harbinger of psychological and emotional well-being.

This study lays the foundation for a larger randomised controlled trial for bringing out benefits of charkha spinning. The spinning of Charkha can be introduced in the curriculum of students to promote positive mental health and brain development with a vision to create a mentally healthy society and nation – Subodh Kumar (Co-Investigator of the study &Deputy Director, BBRFI).

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