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One more step towards the success of Swasth Balika- Swasth Samaj yatra 2016

14273363_1058526867528141_198277749_oMunirika Delhi apart are reported with the Nestiva_Hospital the ‘healthy child healthy society while strengthening the message of the birth of daughters in the delivery fee is 20 percent of the cuts announced by … Dr Soumya Sabitri monitor the child in respect of the said 20 per cent discount will be given on the birth of the girl child. The hospital is also on the 9th of each month pregnant woman Consultancy free of charge.
Ankesh Nestiva Hospital Director Ranjan G, Dr Amit and his Indian campaign on behalf of the whole team a lot of healthy luck … it will grow like caravan …  Beti_bchao_beti_pdhao _Swasth_Bharat _yatra.
The effort and a hard work always have their outcome .So, as this yatra had start showing their positive effects on view of people though still 16000km a long way had to be covered but it really strengthening or boosting the moral of the   people who had taken initiative or liability to aware about the importance of girl health. Now a day no longer far away that when a Girl health child is not an issue. Where health ratio of both the opposite sex is better and healthy .As because women play different role in her life as a mother, daughter, sister and many more and take the responsibility of two correspondence family. So ,it’s necessary that a women should be healthy & Women would be healthy when a girl will be healthy after all  Girl maturity and understanding make her women an as women is a base of the family it really important that base should be make strong . As this yatra is all about strengthening the girl health which define Swasth-Balika-Swasth-Samaj.

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